This iOS 11 Security Loophole allows access to Photos without passcode

A Youtuber has just discovered a security loophole in iOS 11. It allows anyone access to your photos without knowing your passcode. Here’s how it works and how you can keep your data safe.

iOS 11 bug allows passcode-less access to photos

A weird bug in iOS 11 lets anyone access your photos with a simple trick. This bug relies on Siri, Facetime, and iMessage features. Pretty much all of us use these features and keep them enabled.

Although Apple considers iOS 11 the most secure operating system on the planet, even the latest versions are not immune to this attack. Here’s a video demonstration of how it works.

Here’s how the attack works –

  • Make a call to the target iPhone from another iPhone.
  • Without answering the call, tap Message > Custom.
  • Enter any three emojis of your choice.
  • Try opening Settings using Siri and wait for it to prompt you to unlock your iPhone.
  • Lock the target iPhone and call again through another phone.
  • Go back to Messages.
  • Tap the arrow icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • You can now access photos.

That’s how easy it is to compromise your data! If you have a spare device lying around, do try and test it for yourself.

How can I stay safe?

The user who discovered this loophole has already reported it to Apple. However, Apple is yet to release a fix officially. Nevertheless, we can expect a patch in the upcoming versions of iOS 11 very soon.


The only solution to fix this problem right now is to disable Siri from the home screen. To do this, open Settings > Siri & Search and toggle Allow Siri When Locked option off.

Since this bug relies on access to Siri in the locked state, your device will be protected against all such attacks.

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