Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 3, Download without a Developer Account

Apple is speeding up iOS 11 firmware beta releases and it seems like iOS 11 public beta is just around the corner. Here’s what’s new and how you can download this new beta build.

What’s new in iOS 11 beta 3?

iOS 11 Beta 3 firmware update comes with plenty of improvements and enhancements. A lot of issues have been fixed while some of them still persist.

Apart from performance improvements and bug fixes, iOS 11 Beta 3 version also feels more stable to use.

ios 11 beta 3

Here’s what’s new in the latest beta release –

  • Quick syncing of the Safari bookmarks.
  • Content blockers of the browser work again
  • New Siri speakers have been added for several languages.
  • Siri supports English to German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Italian translation.
  • All calendar buttons work again correctly.
  • Settings will no longer crash when you delete the Podcast app.
  • The music app sends back notifications and syncs metadata correctly.
  • Improved mobile Safari browser with 3D touch and read mode.
  • Third-party keyboards are now functional.
  • Phone app no longer crashes after deleting a voicemail.
  • When you drop a notification, all old ones will be displayed.
  • On iPad, you can exit from apps with a swipe-up gesture in the multitasking window.
  • Android migration has been improved.
  • New improvements in authentication systems.
  • View all notifications with a single scroll action.

Other than that, iOS 11 beta 3 also brings some minor improvements and customizations.

I highly recommend you backup on iOS 10 before updating. All your data (photos, videos, messages, etc) will remain intact once you update. However, the problem is these updates are not backwards-compatible.

Hence, backing up your data before updating will ensure you have a backup ready should you wish to downgrade in the future.

Download iOS 11 Beta 3 Developer Profile

Once you have the developer profile up and running, here’s how you need to install iOS 11 beta 3 version.

  • Your device will now prompt you to install the new firmware update. Simply, press Install and press the same button on the following screens. Now, select Restart option.
  • Your device will now reboot.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Let it check for updates and once you get iOS 11 Developer beta screen, press Download and Install button and then select Agree.


  • Wait for the update to install. Once it’s done, setup your Touch ID.

That’s all there’s to it. If you have a jailbroken device, steer clear of all and any updates that come your way.

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