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Another day, another tweak. Rhino brings a whole host of enhancements and new features to Instagram. Get this tweak for your iPhone or iPad below.    

How Instagram Rhino works

Let’s face it, social apps are cracking down hard on jailbreak users. Although Instagram doesn’t have jailbreak protection built into it, it does break a lot of jailbreak tweaks in its updates. Thankfully, help has arrived in the form of Rhino.                 

Rhino is a feature-rich customization suite designed for the Instagram app for iOS. It is the brainchild of veteran tweak developer Michael Lema.  

Rhino lets you download feed pictures and videos, save IGTV videos, download reels, view profile pictures, copy comments, and do a whole lot more.

It also offers a new feature called “Smart Grid”, using which the user can view the like count and date in the user’s feed.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of its features: 

  • Save Posts: Download feed images and videos, reels, stories, IGTV, inbox media, and user profile images. All images and videos downloaded are of the highest quality.
  • See when a message was deleted: A “DEL” indicator will be shown to the left of the deleted message. Unsent messages will be stored on your device until you manually refresh your messages.
  • Quickly activate features: In the feed, tap the Instagram logo to display the shortcut list.
  • The fastest way to communicate: In Live, tap any user comment to view their profile or directly mention them.
  • Share comments: Share any posted comments with a friend. Tap and hold the comment for 1 second, then choose whom you want to share it with.
  • Better privacy: Disable marking messages and stories as seen.
  • View the whole picture: Quickly view any user’s profile image. Long press a user’s profile image for one second to view or download.
  • Don’t forget: Get a reminder of who is following you when you visit a particular person’s profile.
  • Unlimited time: View disappearing inbox photos and videos for an unlimited duration.
  • Less annoyance: View any Instagram Live without the comments. Long press the screen for one second to focus on only the live stream. Then, bring up the comments again by long pressing again.
  • Focus on your data: In Feed, browse your friends’ posts without viewing any sponsored posts. In Stories, swipe freely without viewing any video ads.
  • Smart translations: In comments, you can tap “See Translation” to read different languages outside your device’s preferred language.
  • More privacy: Browse Instagram in private with the “Anonymous” mode; three powerful features activated in one single tap.
  • Store messages: In messages, sent photos/videos will be stored permanently and will not be marked as open. Replay media will also have no replay limits.
  • Better confirmation: Accidentally liked our double-tapped a user’s old? Get confirmation before sending out your like request.
  • Quickly save posts: With Swift Mode, you can save a user’s entire profile posts (will not work for private accounts). Or, you can save a user’s entire Story feed by long-pressing the download button for one second. 
  • Auto features: In the Reels explore page, you can automatically like any user’s video,. Or, you can also follow each new user you’re not following. Use the bot features at your own risk. Abusing it could to temporarily blocked actions.
  • Purchase – Tap “manage Account” in the tweak settings page to sign up with your email and order number shown in your email confirmation. Once you sign up, your purchase will automatically apply.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.   

Instagram Rhino Cydia tweak


Rhino for Instagram comes with a dedicated preferences section. You can access these preferences from the built-in Instagram settings as shown below.   


  • Incognito Mode (on): Users will not be notified you have seen their stories or post-live videos.
  • Smart Grid (on): Increase the height of each grid post and display the like count in a user’s grid feed.
  • Disable Marking Messages (on): You will be able to view inbox messages without marking messages as read.
  • Story PiP (on): Add Picture-in-Picture to your story. Videos over 15 seconds will be rejected by Instagram servers, however.
  • View Unsent Messages (on): Unsent messages will still be stored locally on your device until you pull-to-refresh.
  • Authentication Mode (on): Add an additional layer of security with Face ID/Touch ID to view the Instagram application.

Rhino settings

Rhino Pro

There are a few advanced features that are accessible only to “Pro” subscribers. The “Pro” subscription is a bit pricey and will set you back by $5.99.       

Pro Features

  • Anonymous Mode: Activate Incognito mode, like confirmation and disable marking messages.
  • Swift Mode: Visit any user profile and download all their posts in one click. The more posts a user has, the longer the download process.
  • Like Confirmation: An alert will display to confirm a like request. This includes double-tapping a post and tapping the like button.
  • Haptic Feedback: Receive haptic feedback when confirming a like request, tapping the download button, and for successful media downloads.
  • Replay Direct Messages: Received photos and videos can be replayed and will stay in the chat log permanently without being marked as open.


  • Follow Requests: Approve 10 follow requests per pull-to-refresh action. A powerful feature that should be used less than 4 times per hour.
  • Suggested For You: Follow 10 users listed in the “Suggested for You” per pull-to-refresh action. Abusing this feature could lead to a temporary ban.
  • Unfollow Users: Unfollow 15 followers per pull-to-refresh action. A powerful feature that should be used less than 5 times per day.


  • Filter Media: Visit any user’s profile to view media sorted by likes in descending order.       


  • Auto Like: Each new video will automatically be marked as liked. Note, liking many videos in a short span of time will prevent some user actions. 
  • Auto Follow: Each new user will automatically be followed. This is useful for following new users in the Reels explore section.                    

Download Instagram Rhino Cydia Tweak 

Michael Lema’s pet rhino is ruthless and makes Instagram forfeit before the wrath of its horn!

If you have Instagram installed on your iPhone and are not using Rhino, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Highly recommended.       

Before you install this tweak, be mindful of the fact that Instagram updates can and will break its functionality. If Instagram breaks Rhino’s functionality, wait for an update by the developer, or switch to a similar tweak like Instagram Rocket in the meantime.         

Rhino is available for free on the BigBoss Cydia repository. It is compatible with iOS 5-13. 

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