Instagram launches a native E-commerce payment system

Instagram continues to receive innovative new features thanks to its parent company, Facebook. The photo-sharing social network will now allow users to make e-commerce purchases without leaving the app.

How Instagram’s payment system works

Up until now, you needed to leave Instagram and visit your favorite e-commerce websites to make a purchase. This is where this new payment system comes in.

The new payment system will allow you to complete purchases at the tap of a button without leaving Instagram.

The idea behind Instagram’s payment system is rather simple – you purchase stuff inside the app and Instagram pockets its cut of the action.

Instagram payment system

The transaction process, too, is extremely simplistic. To purchase a product, all you need to do is select it from an image and then complete the payment.

Your credit/debit card will be charged the final price of the product.

Apart from E-commerce, users will also be able to book tickets or make reservations for local businesses.

When will this feature go public?

As of now, Instagram has rolled out this feature to only a select few users in the States.

Once the developers iron out the bugs and make the system more mature, it will gradually be rolled out to other countries.

However, getting users to convert in-app will pose a herculean challenge to Facebook. The reason behind this is that social media users are more interested in perusing products, not purchasing them.


If you are inclined to check this new feature out for yourself, go to Settings and link up your credit or debit card with Instagram and enter a security PIN.

Of course, you must have this setting enabled for your account or else it won’t work.

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