Italian Hacker Info.iosx Decrypts iOS Firmware Files

A new hacker who goes by the name of Info.iosx has just teased a new iOS debug on Twitter. Here’s a quick rundown of what this means for us.

Info.iosx Decrypts iOS Firmware Files

Italian hacker Info.iosx has fully decrypted the various encrypted files of the iOS firmware, including SEP. Tihmstar also requested the hacker to send some of his findings to his e-mail.


Here are the images of development bootchains Info.iosx posted on his official Twitter handle.

Here are the images Info.iosx posted on his official Twitter handle.

Nikias Bassen, a member of Evad3rs Dev Team, also chimed in and wanted some of this fresh decrypted goodness.

These tweets by these prominent hackers on the community lend him enough credibility.

According to his Twitter handle, this is not his first exploit. He has been hacking and playing around with iOS for a while now.

In layman’s terms, this hacker has decrypted some “internal stuff” in iOS, which is encrypted by default. This a big win for hackers since decryption is a requirement for reverse engineering iOS.

How are Development Bootchains useful?

To be very honest, even I don’t clearly know what it does and this holds true for a lot of other people as well. This is primarily because the hacker didn’t reveal any details in his tweet.

As far as I know, it is related to downgrading and upgrading your firmware. It allows you to restore to unsigned iOS firmware versions without SHSH Blobs. However, having this bootchain signed on that particular version is a prerequisite.

ios firmware

It is highly unlikely that regular users would be able to utilize it. Hopefully, Tihmstar will be able to port it to jailbroken devices.

Let’s just hope for the best and see what comes out of it.

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