In-app hacking is possible on iOS 11-11.3.1 [DOWNLOAD]

Cydia tweaks are ready for iOS 11 and so are in-app hacks. Here’s how you can implement in-app hacks on Electra development toolkit.

How is in-app tweaking possible on iOS 11?

Flex 3 is currently incompatible with iOS 11-11.1.2. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t run Flex patches on this firmware.

Code injection feature available in Electra jailbreak allows developers to hook into system applications. This lets you unlock better features and improve upon the existing ones.

Code injection is also available on LiberiOS jailbreak for iOS 11.

in-app purchases

Here’s how you can develop your own patches and apply them to iOS 11 –

  • Develop a patch in Flex 3. Since it doesn’t support iOS 11, you must have an iOS 10 device to develop them.
  • Install Theos and compile those patches into jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11.
  • Extract the dylib and plist files into the requisite locations on your iOS device.

A few users are already using the exact same method to apply Flex patches. One of them managed to use this method to develop hacks for infinite coupon codes for a food delivery app.

Another user (Land of the Rising Sun) developed a general in-app purchase hack that supports pretty much all applications. He was kind enough to provide the beta Debian package to all users.

Here are a few in-app hacks that are fully compatible and safe to install on your Apple device. You can apply hacks to YouTube, Snapchat, and others with the following packages.

Download in-app hacks

What do you need to keep in mind before installing hacks?

Remember, the installation process remains exactly the same as other tweaks. In case you aren’t yet acquainted with the tutorial, you can read it here.

The in-app hack mentioned above is currently in beta stage and works in some applications only.

snapchat hacks

If you want to become a beta tester, install it and report back with your experience in the comments section below.

I will update this list with more hacks once the developers release them to the public.

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