iCloud Mail is down since hours – Is it hacked?

Just hours after the Apple Developer Center got hacked, it seems iCloud is also experiencing a similar problem. Here’s what you need to know about it.

iCloud email goes offline

A lot of users are reportedly experiencing issues with iCloud. A lot of users have been unable to log into iCloud through its website or from the stock iOS app.

The login problems began pestering iOS and Mac users since this afternoon. Here’s a tweet from a Twitter user who is suffering from the exact same problem.

Twitter is absolutely littered with such tweets right now. The error messages are different on different operating systems but the underlying issue remains the same.


Surprisingly enough, Apple’s system status site currently displays all their services, including iCloud mail, as “online”. Usually, they regularly push updates on their system status webpage.

This certainly suggests that something did go awry behind the scenes.

Has iCloud been hacked?

The idea that iCloud has been hacked into isn’t too far-fetched altogether. Considering a hack just took place hours ago, this could be one of its after- effects.

This could also be a new hack altogether as well too.

apple hacked

As is evident, the problem lies with Apple’s servers and there’s not much you can do about it right now. You should just wait for Apple to fix this issue.

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