i0n1c calls tihmstar a C**t after he Develops a Jailbreak

Notorious hacker and Twitter troll Stefan Esser aka i0n1c is back at it! He just found someone new to beef with this time around and here’s what transpired between the two hackers.

i0n1c accuses tihmstar of Stealing his Code

Whenever a jailbreak goes live, i0n1c is the first hacker to call out its developers. He almost always accuses them of stealing his code and exploits and incorporating them in the jailbreak tool.


As you already know, tihmstar revealed a few back that an iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak was about to go live. Stefan pounced on the opportunity and tweeted a slurry of derogatory remarks directed towards him.

Here’s what Esser tweeted.

He also didn’t hesitate to call him “the c word”.

Is i0n1c upset over his Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, that’s exactly the case with Stefan. He usually charges a hefty amount for his private iOS hacking training.

However, this time around he was about to release a free online training for everyone to study and learn from.

For those who don’t know, he started a Kickstarter campaign for iOS 9.3.5 exploitation techniques. One of the goals of this campaign was to release a jailbreak with Cydia.

At the time of writing, his Kickstarter campaign has reached €9,109 of the actual €111,111 goal. Tihmstar’s new jailbreak is responsible for the dwindling amount of donations to his campaign.

This absolutely infuriated the German hacker and he began pestering and harassing Tihmstar and Siguza on Twitter.

Thankfully, we now have a free working jailbreak and that’s all that matters.

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