How to Install Coolbooter on iOS 7,8,9 and 10 [iPhone/iPad]

Want to dual boot iOS 6 together with your installed firmware? Here’s how to do it.

coolbooter download

before you install Coolbooter utility, keep the following things ready.


  • A compatible iOS device running iOS 7, 8, 9 or 10
  • A tfp0 enabled jailbreak
  • Cydia Installer
  • At least 6GB of free space

Make a backup before you proceed. Now onto the installation tutorial.

How to Install Coolbooter on iOS 7,8,9 and 10

Step 1 Open Cydia and add this repo

coolbooter cydia source

Step 2 Install CoolBooter beta tweak. It comes in the form of an debian package and not as an IPA file.

coolbooter deb

Step 3 Once it is installed, launch the application.

Step 4 Select your desired “Destination iOS Version” and press “I’m Ready” (Warning – DO NOT select iOS 6.1.4).

destination version

Step 5 Confirm both the jailbreak (this will install Cydia on iOS 6) and verbose boot options.

Step 6 It will now begin downloading and installing iOS 6. Wait and let it do its thing.

Step 7 Unplug all cables and restart your iPhone or iPad.

Step 8 Start Coolbooter from your home screen.

Step 9 Select “Boot” to boot up your device on iOS 6 firmware. It will now ask you to lock your device, do it.

lock your device

Step 10 Wait for your device to boot. Once it boots up, set it up.

preparing to boot

Step 11 To go back to your stock firmware, simply reboot your device.

Did you Install Coolbooter?

For many us, it is not important to run  two different firmware versions on an iOS device. We all want stability while using our jailbroken devices. Nevertheless, it is a major achievement for iOS hackers. This might give developers the opportunity to dual boot iOS and Android in the future.

If you have an older device lying around, feel free to install Coolbooter on that. Even though it’s quite safe, I wouldn’t recommend that you install it on your main device.

Hopefully, the developer will add support for more devices in the future. Even a triple boot feature isn’t off the table yet.

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