HomeSwitcher – Add App Switcher to your home screen

Another day, another tweak. HomeSwitcher aims to bring more features to the stock app switcher. Download it for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch below.

How HomeSwitcher works

App switcher gives is built to give you instant access to all running apps, tasks, or games. However, you still need to double-tap the Home button to access it. This is where this new tweak comes in.

HomeSwitcher Cydia tweak adds the app switcher to your home screen and user applications. It is developed by tweak developer IndieDevKB.

Just like the native switcher, you can perform the same gestures on your home screen. Here’s how this tweak looks like in action on my iPad mini.

Once you increase the size of the app cards, it looks something like this.

This tweak comes with a comprehensive Settings section that allows you to tweak each and every part of the new app switcher.

Here’s the list of all options that I am using on my iPad.

  • Enabled on Homescreen (on) – Enables the app switcher on the home screen.
  • Enabled SystemWide (on) – Enables the app switcher system-wide. I recommend turning this option off because you don’t want it enabled inside user apps.
  • Activation method (none) – Sets up an Activator action for this tweak.
  • Enable Free Flow Scrolling (on) – Enables smooth scrolling.
  • AppCard Size Scale (0.8) – Sets custom size for app cards. I suggest keeping this setting at 0.8, which is the default value, to ensure your cards don’t become too big for your home screen.
  • Page No. to display switcher (0) – Sets the card that should be displayed first.

Download HomeSwitcher Cydia tweak

If you have a lot of tasks running in the background, this innovative little tweak should be a great addition to your setup.

You can also give it a try if you have some free space on your home screen. Recommended.

HomeSwitcher is available for purchase via PayPal for £1.49. It is compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

This tweak is not compatible with iOS 11 firmware because the developer doesn’t have an iOS 11 device for testing.

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