HomePod is now available for pre-order in US, UK and Australia

Apple is all set to roll out HomePod in a select few countries beginning today. Here’s how you can pre-order your very own smart speaker.

Apple starts pre-orders for HomePod 

Users residing in America, Britain, and Australia can now pre-order Apple’s smart speaker. It is priced at $349 in these countries and can have a different price depending on where you are on Earth.

HomePod comes with an intuitive design, full support for Siri and Apple Music, and integration with iPhone.

Apart from that, you can also connect it to your HomeKit devices and control your home appliances with your Apple smartphone. You can read more about its specifications and features here.


The demand so far isn’t much to boast about. But again, that is to be expected as the smart speaker market is still in its infancy.

Apple is also facing tough competition from Google Home and Amazon Echo.

HomePod will hit the shelves starting on February 9. You will then be able to order it from various online and offline stores such as BestBuy and Amazon.

How to preorder HomePod right now

If you live in US, UK, or Australia, here’s how you can get the HomePod before your oriental counterparts.

  • Got to Apple.com
  • Click on HomePod from the homepage.
  • Select the desired color.
  • Press “Add to Bag” to checkout.

HomePod pre-order

Alternatively, you can also order Apple’s smart speaker from the Apple Store app. Remember, you must have a legitimate address in any of the aforementioned countries for the checkout to succeed.

You got to make it quick because Apple always sells limited units after each release.

So are you going to buy Apple’s latest device or give it a pass? Leave your replies in the comments section below.

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