Haptic Touch to receive more actions and gestures in the future

iPhone XR replaces 3D Touch with Haptic Touch – a new touch sensing technology. Although its applicability is limited right now, Apple plans to expand it in the future.

What is Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch is an alternative to 3D Touch. However, you can’t do much it right now.

Haptic Touch is actually the longer pressing of the screen, after which you feel a vibration of the Taptic Engine.

Despite its advantages, Haptic Touch cannot be used everywhere. For example, conflicts can occur if an action requires a long press.

Consider, for example, the app wiggle mode on the home screen. You can then move or delete the app, but it will be difficult to use an app menu at the same time.

Using it for Quick Actions is therefore somewhat more difficult. But Apple could possibly use it for peek and pop, another common application of 3D Touch.

Apple did not succeed in getting 3D Touch on the iPhone XR and keeping the screen almost borderless. But do not worry – Apple is planning to gradually expand its possibilities by introducing new gestures and actions.

Haptic Touch applicability will improve with time

You can use Haptic Touch in a few places, for example on the access screen for the flashlight and the camera.

In the Control Panel, you can long press the screen to view additional functions and menus.

In the iPhone XR review that was published by The Verge’s on Tuesday, however, it can be read that Apple will expand over time.

So it may take a while before it supports all 3D Touch functions. Once this feature matures, you will be able to preview a link in Safari by long-pressing it.

Apple did not specify the period for which we can expect further expansion, but it may be related to future iOS updates.

2019 iPhone models will ditch 3D Touch

According to an analyst, Apple plans to release all iPhones without 3D Touch in 2019. We could then see Haptic Touch in more models since Apple already takes it into account in its latest operating system.

In iOS 12, you can activate the trackpad mode with tap and hold on the spacebar. You can then move the cursor within a text field easily.

Probably this new technology was introduced because of the iPhone XR – or because Apple knows that we will soon be switching to switching to this new feature on many more devices.

(Source – The Verge)

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