Samsung Galaxy S9 will kill the iPhone X with these 3 features

Samsung is all set to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9. Check out the top features of this upcoming giant killer below.

Top 3 features of Samsung Galaxy S9 

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor

According to a leaked benchmark, Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

Its AnTuTu benchmark score comes out to be 265267, which is way higher than that of the iPhone X.

This benchmark also reveals other details such as the model ID, OS version, RAM, internal storage, and resolution.

It comes loaded with Android Orea 8.0 and 4GB/6GB RAM along with a mammoth 64GB internal storage.

Galaxy S9 Antutu benchmark

iPhone X comes with A11 Bionic, which is Apple’s most powerful SoC to date. Its AnTuTu benchmark is 202,496, which is clearly miles behind Galaxy S9’s score.

Although we shouldn’t take benchmarks at face value, such a difference means the S9 will blow iPhone X out of the water.

I don’t think iPhone X will ever be able to catch up with S9 considering the colossal difference in their benchmark scores.

The only thing that can save the iPhone X now is Apple’s effective optimization, which provides better performance even on lower-end hardware.

2. Stunning Camera

Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone comes with a dual 12-megapixel camera. Its main features are – advanced slow-motion mode and low light shooting.

Here’s a teaser video for the slow-motion and low-light modes from Samsung ‘s channel.

Galaxy S8 had the slow-motion mode but these upcoming modes are more advanced and fleshed out than their predecessors.

3. Animojis 

Unsurprisingly, Samsung will copy the Animoji, an iPhone X-exclusive feature, just like all other features.

However, their emojis or “animated smileys” don’t look as good as the ones that come with the iPhone X.

Here’s how Samsung’s animated emoticons will look like.

Samsung to unveil S9 on February 25th  

Samsung will announce their latest flagship smartphone on February 25th at their launch event in Barcelona, a day before the Mobile World Congress.

The upcoming device will carry a price tag of $1,035 and will be above a thousand Euros in almost all countries.

Samsung Galaxy S9

iPhone X has been the undisputed kind of the smartphone world for quite some time now.

Will it eventually find its match in Samsung Galaxy S9? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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