Download Flex 3 beta 43 for iOS 11-11.1.2

keep pressing return after each line.After months of waiting, Flex 3 is now fully compatible with iOS 11. Here’s how you can install it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Flex 3 Cydia tweak now supports iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware

Developer John Coates has just updated Flex 3 patching engine for iOS 11 firmware. You can now freely install it on your Apple device running iOS 11 firmware.

Along with iOS 11 support, you can now also use it on g0blin jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3. The beta version 43 also adds proper code signatures to existing frameworks.


For the uninitiated, Flex is the ultimate hacking and tweaking tool for jailbroken devices. It contains tons of patches and hacks for various different iOS applications and games.

This allows you to get features that are missing from the stock versions of these apps.

You can download its Debian package and its associated dependency below.

  • Update – You can now download this tweak from “” repository using Cydia. Don’t follow the tutorial given below if you are on Electra RC1.0.x version.

Download Flex 3 (iOS 11)  


  • A 64-bit Apple device
  • Electra jailbreak toolkit
  • RocketBootstrap (core package)
  • Filza file manager
  • iTerminal
  • ZipApp free

How to install Flex 3 on iPhone X and older models without computer

Install RocketBootstrap dependency

Step 1 Download RocketBootstrap version 1.0.6~beta 1 using the link above. Ensure you open the link using Safari.

Step 2 Open the Debian package in ZipApp free (AppStore application). Extract its contents in its default directory.

Step 3 You will now get three separate archives. Extract the data.tar.Izma archive in the same directory again.

Step 4 Open FilzaEscaped file manager and navigate to the root folder of your filesystem.

Step 5 Search for “rocket” by tapping the magnifying glass icon and open the extracted folder.

Step 6 Copy and paste the following files to appropriate locations –

  • Copy com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrapd.plist from Library/LaunchDaemons to boostrap/Library/LaunchDaemons
  • Copy RocketBootstrap.dylib and RocketBootstrap.plist from MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries to  boostrap/Library/SBInject (must be transferred with WinSCP on a computer)
  • Copy rocketbootstrap.h and rocketbootstrap_dynamic.h from usr/include to bootstrap/usr/include
  • Copy librocketbootstrap.dylib from usr/lib to bootstrap/usr/lib
  • Copy rocketd and _rocketd_reenable from usr/libexec to bootstrap/usr/libexec

Alternatively, you can use Tweak Installer utility to install this package automatically. However, you must have a Mac or a Windows computer to make use of it.

Install the patching engine

Step 7 Download Flex 3 beta 43 using the link above and open it using ZipApp free.

Step 8 Launch Filza again, search for “Flex”, and open its extracted folder.

Step 9 Transfer the following files.

  • Copy to from /var/mobile/Library/Flex3/ to /Applications
  • Copy Flex.dylib and Flex.plist from /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries into /bootstrap/Library/SBInject

Remember, don’t try to install it with Tweak Installer because it throws an exception handling error as soon as it establishes an SSH connection.

Add the requisite entitlements

Step 10 Go back to /Applications and tap the “i” icon next to

Step 11 Tap Sticky and add “0777” as its permissions.


Rebuild uicache

Step 12  Open iTerminal app and launch its SSH module. Ensure you enable Wifi before proceeding to the next step.


Step 13 Enter the following details (password is “alpine”) and tap Connect.

Step 14 Once you are in the Terminal, enter the following commands to rebuild the uicache. Keep pressing return after each line.

killall -9 SpringBoard

Apply patches to games and applications

Step 15 Launch the application from your home screen.

Step 16 You can now select user-submitted patches from the Cloud section.

Step 17 You can also patch any app or game that you is present on your Apple device. For example, here are a few patches that you can use for the Google Drive app.

  • Allow Rotation
  • Hide Siri Dictation Key
  • No Shadows
  • Remove Quick Access for Drive

I recommend waiting for a proper release if you feel this tutorial is a bit too complicated for you. Once Suarik releases Cydia, you will be able to install all jailbreak tweaks directly without SSH.

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