How to Fix iCleaner Crashing/Not Showing Up

A lot of users have been complaining about iCleaner crashing on iOS 9-10. Here’s a quick solution to this problem.

icleaner pro

iCleaner is a very important utility Cydia tweak. It tops my essential Cydia tweaks list.

How to Fix iCleaner Crashing/Not Opening on iPhone, iPad and iPod    

Solution 1

Reboot and re-jailbreak your device. This will fix iCleaner crashing on startup for majority of users.

Solution 2

Here’s another fix if none of the other fixes work for you.

Step 1 Uninstall iCleaner from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Step 2 Reboot your device.

Step 3 Reinstall iCleaner.

Step 4 Reboot your device again and check if it works.

Solution 3

iCleaner will not work properly if you have Stashing installed on your iOS 9 device. This is an underlying issue with Home Depot jailbreak for iOS 9.

If you value iCleaner more than extra space, you must uninstall Stashing from your device. Here’s how to fix the crash completely –

Step 1 Firstly, uninstall Stashing from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Follow this tutorial to properly uninstall Stashing. Although this tutorial is written primarily for iOS 10, it works on iOS 9 as well.

semi restore for ios 10/10.1.1/10.2

Step 2 Reinstall iCleaner utility.

That’s it! iCleaner won’t crash anymore now. Just make sure you don’t install Stashing again.

If you have a 16 GB device and want more space, simply delete language packs from iCleaner. This will fetch you an extra 300 MB space.

Remember, deleting language packs has its own disadvantage as well. Cydia Eraser will take longer than usual should you decide to use it in the future.

Follow the tutorial to increase performance of your jailbroken device.

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