Charge 3 – Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker

Fitbit recently unveiled a new fitness tracker – the Charge 3. The fitness tracker offers many improvements over its predecessor, and in this article, we list some of its notable features.

 Better display that keeps you up to speed 

The first thing you notice about the Charge 3 is that Fitbit has totally revamped that screen.

The OLED display of Charge 3 is 40 percent larger than that of its predecessor, allowing the fitness cracker to show more information. The screen is also 40 percent brighter than the Charge 2, which is important when the device is used in sunlight.

Fitbit Charge 3

The larger screen also allows you to swipe and tap to navigate through the user interface.

The Charge 3 does not show apps like the Fitbit Versa. However, it does have some basic functions. For example, you can check the weather and set timers and alarms right from your bracelet.

Lightweight waterproof design

Although the screen is larger, the Charge 3 is about 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. The fitness tracker is also water resistant up to 50 meters and can, therefore, be used by swimmers.

To make it completely watertight, Fitbit has replaced the physical button on the left by one that supports haptic feedback.

Since GPS and a physical button are missing, there is more space for the battery. According to Fitbit, the tracker lasts for an entire week on a full charge.

This is a lot longer than the Fitbit Versa, which lasts about three to four days on a full battery charge.

Doubles up as a smartwatch

Perhaps the most important innovation is that the Fitbit Charge 3 also doubles up as a smartwatch. The fitness tracker has a dashboard, where for example you can see steps, heart rate and the number of burned calories.

The Charge 3 also displays notifications when, for example, you receive a call, receive a message or a notification. Users can use the Fitbit app to configure which applications they want to receive notifications from on the watch.

If you connect the Fitbit Charge 3 with an Android device, it will be possible to accept or reject incoming telephone calls or to send standard answers to messages. On iOS, this is not possible yet.

Price and Release date

The base model of Fitbit Charge 3 (black or rose gold) will be available for purchase in the United States for $149.95 beginning October.

The special edition with Fitbit Pay payment system (Lavender Woven or Frost White Sport) will cost you $169.95.

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