How to Find ECID Number of Apple TV

A lot of users are confused as to how to find ECID of their Apple TV. For those who don’t know, ECID number is necessary for saving your SHSH blobs.

It is also required for many other jailbreak-related tools. So, let’s get right into it.

apple tv 4 jailbreak

First of all, keep the following things at the ready.


  • Apple TV 4
  • iTunes
  • A USB cable
  • A computer

How to Find ECID Number of Apple TV with iTunes

Step 1 Connect your Apple TV device to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 Start iTunes.

Step 3 Select Apple TV in the devices section.

Step 4 Now, a new section will open up displaying all the data related to your Apple TV.

Step 5 Click on the serial number field twice and copy your ECID number.

apple tv ecid

Step 6 This step is optional but highly recommended. Save your copied ECID string on your computer. Since ECID is a static value, you will no longer need to find it time and time again once you save it.

Step 7 Eject your Apple TV from the computer.

That’s all there’s to it. You can now use your ECID number to save your SHSH2 blobs. Here are some more Apple TV tutorials that you may find interesting –

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