How to Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iPhone

A lot of users are reporting Facebook Messenger crashes on iPhone. Here are a few fixes you can try to solve this annoying problem.

Why is Facebook Messenger crashing?

Facebook hasn’t yet revealed the exact reason behind the Messenger app crashes. However, it’s clear that it has got something to do with the latest update by Facebook.

This issue is plaguing both jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken users on iOS 9, 10, and 11. Hence, it is not limited only to the latest iOS 11 firmware. Here are a couple of notifications from CrashReporter.

facebook messenger crashing

Interestingly, there are “no suspects” in this case. This means we can’t dig around and find the actual cause of this crash.

Here’s how you can solve this problem on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 9, 10 or 11 firmware. You can even try these fixes on Android devices if you are experiencing the same issue.

How to Fix Messenger Crashing on iPhone and iPad 

1. Reinstall Messenger

This is the best way to fix the crashing issue right now. Here’s what you need to do –

  • Firstly, simply log out of Facebook.
  • Remove the app from your iPhone or iPad
  • Reinstall it from the App Store.

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Login to Messenger.

I was facing the exact same issue on my iPhone 7 plus and I can confirm that this fix works.

Here’s a screenshot from my Facebook account that shows that this app is now running perfectly without any hiccups.

If this fix doesn’t work for you, try running iCleaner and then reinstall once again.

2. Remove TypeStatus 2

If you are jailbroken, TypeStatus Cydia tweak may as well be the culprit behind the crashes. All you need to do is remove it from Cydia and then try opening messenger again.

typestatus 2

If it still doesn’t work, try downgrading it to an older version.

3. Downgrade with AppAdmin

Users who are currently using older version are not experiencing this problem. This clearly suggests everything this issue doesn’t occur on lower versions.


Simply open App Store and downgrade the app to a lower version. Remember, this method will work only on jailbroken devices since AppAdmin is a Cydia tweak.

Were you able to fix it?

It seems like this crash issue is more widespread than I initially thought. Hopefully, Facebook will release a fix soon for newer versions.

These methods will be enough to fix this error one and for all. If none of these fixes work for you, just drop a comment below. I will try my best to help you out.

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