How to export saved passwords in Chrome

The latest update of Google Chrome (version 66) allows users to export saved passwords. Here’s how you can use this feature on your iPhone.

What’s new in Google Chrome 66? 

Google v66 or v66.0.3359.106, to be precise, is primarily a security update.

The most important addition to v66 is “Site Isolation”, which deals with the infamous Spectre vulnerability. Although this feature was also present in older versions, it will now stay on by default.

From now on, Chrome will also notify the user whenever any third-party app injects unofficial code into the browser processes.

Apart from security updates, the latest version also allows you to export saved passwords. Moreover, the annoying automatic playback of videos in websites will no longer trouble users.

Exporting saved passwords in Chrome 66

Step 1 Firstly, update Google Chrome form the updates section of App Store.

Step 2 Tap the “three dots ” icon and tap Settings.

Step 3 Sign in to Chrome with your email ID. Once you are signed in, tap Passwords.

Step 4 Tap Export Passwords… and confirm by tapping Export Passwords… again.

Step 5 Google secures stored passwords with Touch ID. Therefore, you must authenticate it using your fingerprint.

Step 6 Send the saved passwords file to yourself via email or store it on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 7 You can now open the CSV file containing your passwords with Excel or any other software. Passwords are stored in plain text format and can be accessed by anyone.

Therefore, I highly suggest storing it in a secure location so as to ensure your private data remains stays safe.

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