EndUniverse Cydia Repository Tweaks Causing Bootloop! Remove it ASAP

A lot of users have been reporting bogus Cydia tweaks from EndUniverse repository. Some users have also reported bootloop while using tweaks from Enduniverse.

What happened to EndUniverse Cydia Repository? 

Being a developer is not an easy task at all. It carries a huge responsibility and any error on your part can brick a lot of devices. A developer must follow these guidelines.

  • First of all, a Cydia tweak must be extensively tried and tested on all compatible devices before it is released.
  • Secondly, a developer must select a batch of users and allow them to test the beta version of his tweak.
  • Once the testing period is over with successfully, the tweak is then released for the general public.

Unfortunately, this is what happened with EndUniverse Cydia Repo and its developer Dillan. He didn’t test his tweaks on all devices and also inserted some bogus code in his tweaks.

enduniverse cydia source

This led to a lot of devices getting stuck in a bootloop. Consequently, users were forced to update to iOS 10.2.1 or 10.3 and lose their important data along with their jailbreak.

For those who don’t know, Dillan is the developer behind Cydia Extender Installer and Cydia Extender Plus.

Here’s what you need to do in order to keep your jailbroken device safe and free from bootloops.

How to Keep your iPhone, iPad and iPod Safe

Step 1 Remove EndUniverse source from Cydia.

Step 2 Remove all tweaks you installed from the aforementioned repository.

enduniverse repo

Step 3 Run iCleaner utility. This will ensure all caches get cleaned up and nothing malicious stays on your iOS device.

Step 4 Install Gandalf Cydia tweak. Gandalf is a must-install tweak if you want to keep your device safe and secure.

That’s it! Your device will remain safe now. If your device is stuck in a bootloop, follow the guides given below –

Is EndUniverse Repo Hosting Malicious Tweaks?

No, this doesn’t mean EndUniverse is a malicious Cydia repo. EndUniverse is a great source with many popular and useful Cydia tweaks. Some tweaks are still working well, though.

cydia installer ios 10

Hopefully, it will be back up soon. If you are using any tweak developed by Dillan, just make sure you remove it for now and wait for an update.

I am planning to write a new tutorial to protect your device and keep away malware and viruses. If there’s enough interest, I will upload it.

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