Edgify – S8 Edge Lock Screen Notifications for iOS

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak brings S8 Edge notifications with tons of customization. Here’s how it works.

How Edgify works

Developer Julio Verne started it all and since then many developers have implemented S8 Edge notification functionality in a jailbreak tweak. This new tweak aims to do the same but with a difference.

Edgify Cydia tweak ports S8 Edge style lock screen notifications to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is developed by NOPTeam, who are newcomers on the jailbreak scene.

Here’s a video demonstration of this amazing tweak.

Edgify – S8 edge LS notifications style

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Monday, October 2, 2017


Its main selling point is the customization it offers to the users. Although there are other tweaks that do the exact same thing, it brings lots of new Settings and other customizable options that are missing in other tweaks.

Once you install it, you can set pretty much all aspects of the notifications to your liking.

Here’s what all you can customize.

  • Animation (Rotation, Rectangle)
  • Color options (Colorize with notification, Set custom color)
  • Animation speed
  • Animation duration
  • Enable rounded corners
  • Line thickness    

If you have Ventana or Unify installed, you will not be able to use it since it conflicts them. Therefore, I suggest you remove them if you prefer the S8 notification style more.

Download Edgify tweak

This is a great tweak with a lot of customization potential and is worth its $0.99 price tag. Highly recommended.

Remember, the developer does not intend to add support for iOS 9 firmware. If you happen to run an incompatible version, you can try EdgeAlert or 3Edgy5Me.

Edgify is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for $0.99. It is compatible with iOS 10.1 and above.

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