Eclipse Java Compiler – Java Android Development on iOS

The most popular Java IDE, Eclipse has just been released for Apple’s mobile operating system. Here’s how you can download it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What is Eclipse Java Compiler? 

Eclipse Java Compiler is a full Eclipse Java Compiler for iOS. It is developed by open source developer, Chris Kohlhepp.

Usually, you need to set up Eclipse on your computer to start Android development. This package negates the need to do that and allows you to do Java Android development right on your iOS device.


Remember, it is a console package and you will need SSH or MTerminal to use it. There’s will be no icon on your home screen once you install it.

Eclipse Java Compiler

This is not your average tweak, it is meant to be used only by developers and programmers. If you don’t know what an IDE is, you should keep your hands off of it.

Download Eclipse Java Compiler

As far as utility goes, iPhone and iPad are not suitable for development purposes. However, if you are always on-the-go and would still like to program for Android, this package is worth installing. Recommended.

This package is a part of the QMole project, which aims to port Linux operating system to iOS.

Eclipse Java Compiler is available for download on Chris’ private repository ( It is compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

Here are some more tweaks you may want to install on your iOS device.

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