Get macOS Mojave’s dynamic wallpaper on older macOS versions

macOS Mojave brings an all-new dynamic wallpaper feature to MacBook users. Here’s how you can install it on your unsupported MacBook models or older version of macOS.

How can dynamic wallpaper works on older models

macOS Mojave offers quite a few amazing features that are worth backporting to older versions.

The best feature out of all the great cosmetic enhancements in the latest update is the dynamic wallpaper system.

Once you enable it, macOS automatically cycles through the wallpapers, unlike older versions, depending on the time of the day.

macOS Mojave

Although older macOS versions don’t have this feature, you can use the exact same wallpapers on your machine.

There are a total of twenty-four wallpapers of sand dunes from the Mojave desert that depict the transition between day and night.

If you own an unsupported Mac, you can easily transition through the wallpapers just like the original version right from the Settings section.

Download Dynamic Wallpaper pack


  • A MacBook running macOS High Sierra or below
  • Wallpaper images from macOS Mojave
  • Internet

Installing dynamic wallpaper on unsupported macOS versions

Step 1 Download the ZIP file containing the wallpapers from the link given above.

Step 2 Open the folder to extract the contents of the archive.

Step 3 Open System Preferences, go to the Desktop & Screen Saver section and then go to the Desktop section.

Step 4 Click on to add the folder containing the wallpapers. By default, the image files will go to the “Downloads” folder so select that.

Step 5 You are all set now and just need to make sure your Macbook changes the wallpapers after appropriate intervals. To do this, set the Change Picture setting to “Every hour”. This will ensure the wallpaper changes every 60 minutes.

Step 6 Close the window and enjoy the all-new dynamic wallpapers on your older macOS operating system.

Although you need to enable it manually, it looks just as good as the real deal. It’s definitely worth a try if you happen to own an older MacBook model or are still using High Sierra.

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