Why is dual-booting not possible on 64-bit iOS devices?

Dual-booting is already possible devices with 32-bit processors. 64-bit devices, however, are a whole other beast. Let’s find out why dual booting is not possible on these devices.

What makes dual-booting difficult on 64-bit devices?

Secure Enclave Processor

Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) is the biggest roadblock while modifying any component of the firmware. As you already know, we require a signed SEP firmware for our target firmware.

Even if hackers port Coolbooter to 64-bit devices, they can’t work their way around SEP’s restrictions.

ios firmware

A non-functional SEP means all Touch ID/Face ID, Apple Pay, and other encryption mechanisms will stop working on the device.

SEP is without a doubt the most securely guarded component of Apple’s mobile operating system.

There’s hardly any documentation or vulnerabilities available for it which makes exploitation very difficult.

Assuming if someone does manage to load an unsigned SEP, they will still need to boot it.

Kernel Patch Protection 

Kernel Patch Protection (KPP) is yet another hurdle that makes dual-booting difficult. You can read more about KPP and KTRR here.

Luca’s KPP bypass from yalu102 jailbreak still works with A7-A9 devices and iOS 10-10.3.3 versions.


In theory, this could be backported to iOS 9 and below versions where hackers might actually have a chance to load a kernel.

On the whole, circumventing the KPP is easier in iOS 8 and below versions than in iOS 9 and above. This effectively rules out any tinkering with the kernel on modern versions.

Can this become possible in the future?

Coolbooter will likely never receive an update for 64-bit architecture (arm64). Even if it does get an update, it will work only on devices having A7-A8X processors.

The reason behind this is that only those devices have their firmware keys available publicly.

All other devices containing the A9 SoC and above will obviously miss out on it.

coolbooter tool

Although we now have kloader for 64-bit, it’s unlikely it will ever support any version above iOS 8.4.1.

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