Hackers develop a new DRM bypass technique for iOS 11

Hackers or, in our case, jailbreak developers always stay one step ahead of Apple. Here’s a new DRM bypass method they have developed for iOS 11 and above versions.

How the new DRM bypass technique works

This new DRM bypass method relies on adding apps to Electra jailbreak’s preexisting blacklist.

It was conceptualized by developers Viktor Oreshkin, Mehul Rao and realized by Sasuke.

Unlike other bypass methods, it prevents tweaks from injecting into apps. As a result, the apps run in a quasi-no-jailbreak mode, even though your device is in jailbreak mode.


This, in turn, prevents the app from detecting sandbox escape and other jailbreak goodies.

Here’s how this method works.

  • The user adds the target application’s bundle ID to “pspawn_payload.m” file.

  • Electra toolkit performs several checks to ascertain the apps present in the app blacklist.

  • Tweaks are unable to inject code into the target app.
  • The target app can’t detect jailbreak.

Which apps are working with this bypass?

As of now, only Citi Mobile banking app works with this method. Sasuke only bypassed the jailbreak detection present in this app for demonstration purposes only.

However, this doesn’t mean other applications or games aren’t compatible.

You can easily add your app to the “pspawn_payload.m” present in Electra jailbreak and compile it from scratch.

This means even games with overkill DRM systems such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can’t outsmart your jailbroken device anymore.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Unfortunately, Super Mario Run doesn’t work for some unknown reason, according to Mehul Rao.

You can check out the full list of all apps that detect jailbreak here. If your target app is present there, try adding it to the aforementioned file and compile it.

Remember, this is for advanced users and developers only. If you don’t know how to read code, you should keep your hands off of it.

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