How to Fix DPKG_LOCKED Cydia Error on iOS 10

Even though the DPKG Locked error was fixed, it didn’t work for some users. This error occurs when you try to install debian packages.

Before you proceed make sure you have jailbroken your device properly. You will need to SSH into your device over USB. Before you proceed, learn the basics of SSH here.

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Here’s how to fix the DPKG LOCKED error in minutes.

How to Fix DPKG_LOCKED Cydia Error on iOS 10 [TUTORIAL]

Step 1 Download and install iFunbox 4.0 and Putty.

Step 2 Connect your device to the computer.

Step 3 Fire up iFunbox. Select Toolbox > USB Tunnel.

Step 4 Make sure the details are exactly as given here – Port – 22 and IP address –

Step 5 Start Putty and type and 22 as the Host and Port respectively.

Step 6 Establish SSH connection with your device.

Step 7 Enter the following details –

  • Login – root
  • Password – alpine (this is the default password)

Step 8 If you performed the above steps correctly, you will now get iPhone~ root#.

Step 9 Enter dpkg –configure -a and then press enter and Exit.

Cydia will now work properly as it should. If you still face any other errors, follow our Yalu Jailbreak FAQ here.

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