How to downgrade iOS 11.3 to 11.2.6 firmware

iOS 11.3 is a solid update but staying on that version will significantly lower your chances of getting a jailbreak. Here’s how you can downgrade iOS 11.3 to iOS 11.2.6 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Is there any firmware downgrade from iOS 11.3?

Since Apple has stopped signing almost older versions including iOS 11.2.5, not many options are available for a downgrade. The only version that is being signed right now is iOS 11.2.6.

Taking into account previous signing window patterns, Apple will not sign this firmware much longer. Therefore, I recommend downgrading while you still can.

iOS 11.3 firmware

This will ensure your device is ready for any upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak. If you are not interested in jailbreaking, a degrade in performance is yet another reason to go back.

Remember, this method will wipe your device and, hence, you must set it up as new.


  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • iOS 11.2.6 IPSW firmware file
  • A computer on Windows or macOS
  • iTunes (latest version)
  • Lightning USB cable

Downgrading iOS 11.3 to iOS 11.2.6 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod 

Step 1 Download iOS 11.2.6 IPSW file for your device from

Step 2 Connect your device to your computer.

Step 3 Launch iTunes and click on the “device” icon present in the top-left corner. Allow it to sync your device to your computer.


Step 4 You now have two options to perform the downgrade. You can either retain all your device data or you can wipe your device clean and start afresh.     

  • To perform a simple downgrade, press Shift key (Windows) or Alt key (Mac) and click on Update.
  • To perform a clean restore, put your device in DFU mode, press Shift key (Windows) or Alt key (Mac) and click on Restore iPhone.


Step 5 Select the IPSW file you downloaded in step 1.

Step 6 Wait for the restore to finish. Once it’s over, your device will be on iOS 11.2.6.

Step 7 Once you go back to iOS 11.2.6 from iOS 11.3, your device will prompt you to perform an OTA update. To disable OTA updates, you can download the tvOS 11 beta profile.

That’s all there’s to it! If you run into an error, don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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