DismissAnywhere Tweak Removes the “Cancel” Button from Alerts

Another day, another tweak! A new Cydia tweak has just been released by developer Demy Kromhof. Let’s see how it works.

How DismissAnywhere Tweak Works

The native alert messages in iOS are annoying to say the least. Moreover, you need to press the “Cancel” button to get rid of them. This is where DismissAnywhere tweak comes in.

DismissAnywhere Cydia tweak gets rid of the “Cancel” button once and for all. It also allows you to dismiss any alert by simply tapping anywhere on the screen.

For example, you may get low battery alert that tells you to enable low power mode. This alert has two buttons – “Continue” and “Cancel”.

With this tweak installed, the “Cancel” button will not appear. However, you can emulate its functionality by tapping anywhere on your screen.

Here’s what this tweak looks like in action.

dismissanywhere cydia tweak

This makes your setup looks cleaner and much more “flatter”. If you are into minimalistic setups, this tweak is a must-have.

Download DismissAnywhere Cydia Tweak

As of yet, this tweak is not compatible with notification alerts. However, the developer is working on adding more features to this amazing tweak.

Once installed, it works right out of the box. There are on preferences or Settings that you need to configure.

DismissAnywhere is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 8,9 and 10.

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