DeleteElectraRC – Wipe RC1.x from iOS 11-11.1.2

Despite my warning, a lot of users installed the leaked IPA file of Electra on their main devices. Here’s how you can completely wipe that file off of your device.

What is DeleteElectraRC?

DeleteElectraRC is an uninstaller developed specifically for users who are using the leaked version of Electra RC1. It is developed by killy.

For the who don’t know, Coolstar is all set to implement a DRM system in the upcoming RC4 version of Electra. It will block users who are currently using the leaked RC1.x IPA file from updating.

Electra jailbreak

While it’s not necessary to remove it, it’s something I would recommend doing as soon as possible.

If Cydia is working fine on your device, you can keep using it. However, if you like to prepare your device for the upcoming version, download DeleteElectraRC.

Download DeleteElectraRC


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • A computer running Windows
  • Wifi connection

How to use DeleteElectraRC to wipe RC1.x

Step 1 Download the ZIP package using the link above.

Step 2 Extract its contents using 7Zip or the builtin zip manager of Windows 10.

Step 3 Install FilzaEscaped file manager on your Apple device and delete the following files from the root (/) folder.

  • .bootstrapped_electra
  • .cydia_no_stash


Step 3 Double-click DeleteElectraRC2.0.exe file to launch the tool. If your antivirus software displays a warning, you can safely ignore it. It’s a false positive.

Step 4 This tool comes with own version of WinSCP and connects to your device automatically. You simply need to change the default IP address and port values present in the tool.

  • IP: Your Wifi IP address (access this IP address from Settings > Wi-Fi)
  • Port: 2222  
  • UN: root
  • PW: alpine  

Step 5 Once all the values are in place, press Start. It will now begin the cleanup process and wipe Electra RC1 from your device.

Step 6 (Optional) If Cydia is still present on your device, you can remove it manually via Filza. Navigate to /Applications and delete and

Step 7 Install the iTerminal app from the App Store.


Step 8 Connect to your device using the following details.

Step 9 Once you are in the Terminal, execute the following command.


The uninstallation process is a bit iffy so post your comments below if you run into a problem.

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