Cydia Impactor v0.9.39 Fixes http-win.cpp:158 Error [DOWNLOAD]

A lot of Windows users are reporting CPP 158 error. Jay Freeman, developer of Cydia has updated Cydia Impactor to version 0.9.39. Let’s find out more about this updated version.


For those who don’t know, this nifty little tool allows you to install unsigned IPA files on your device without XCode. It is also used to install and renew certificate of Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10. This makes the jailbreak process very simple.

Download Cydia Impactor 0.9.39 

Here’s the official confirmation by Saurik aka Jay Freeman.

As Apple revoked its certificate, many users failed to re-jailbreak using Yalu and mach_portal. I also posted plenty of methods you could use to bypass CPP 158 error in Cydia Impactor utility.

Now that Saurik has released the updated version, go ahead and try it. If you face any error, just drop a comment below.

Saurik Releases Cydia Extender

Saurik has also released Cydia Extender. Remember, Luca and Saurik were working on a tool for extending the 7 day limit of Yalu’s certificate? Extender does exactly that.

You can install Cydia Extender using this tutorial –

Here’s what this tool looks like.

cydia extender

By the look of it, Cydia Extender looks like a pretty straightforward tool that requires no technical expertise whatsoever.

However, it is limited to paid developer accounts only at the moment. It requires a VPN, which in turn relies on a developer account.

This pretty much defeats the purpose of this tool. But there’s some good news for the entire jailbreak community.

Saurik is currently working with a developer code named “Voldemort” for extending Extender’s functionality. Saurik has also said that Extender tool will soon be released for normal users as well.

Here are some other tutorials you may find interesting –

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