Coolstar announces Odyssey14 jailbreak for iOS 14.3 and below

Coolstar has officially announced Odyssey14 – a semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS 14.3 and lower operating systems. Here’s all you need to know about it. 

Odyssey14 jailbreak to be released soon

A few days back, Coolstar successfully demonstrated libhooker running on iOS 14. However, an exploit was still needed to develop a full-blown jailbreak for iOS 14.

But fortunately for us, a security researcher who goes by the name “ModernPwner” came forward and publicly released a kernel exploit for iOS 14.

Following its release, Coolstar announced a new jailbreak for iOS 14.0-14.3.

Here’s what the veteran developer posted on his official Discord server:

Here’s a timeline you’ll see though:

1. Odyssey for iOS 13 will get an update to add userspace reboot. This is already being beta tested and beta 7 will go up on my Patreon in a few hours is now up on my Patreon

2. libhooker will get an update with some optimizations, as well as support for iOS 14. This is already being tested internally.

3. Chimera14 will be released as an SSH-only jailbreak.

4. Sometime after Chimera14, Odyssey14 will begin beta testing And no Odyssey14 is not the final name. It is a code name. Just like Chimera13 got renamed to Odyssey and Electra12 got renamed to Chimera.

Coolstar Odyssey14 jailbreak

Per Coolstar, Odyssey jailbreak will receive an update that adds userspace reboot.

Once the Odyssey13 project is wrapped up, the developer will update libhooker with new optimizations and iOS 14 compatibilities. This is already being tested internally as of this writing.      

Initially, Coolstar and his team plan to release Chimera14 – an SSH-only jailbreak, meaning tweaks and Cydia will not work out-of-the-box. You might think of it as an Electra jailbreak for iOS 14.

The development team will then move onto Odyssey14 – a user-facing jailbreak for iOS 14 and initiate the beta-testing phase.                

What’s next for the jailbreak community?

Users with an A12 device (or above) will benefit immensely from this development. Jailbreak tweaks, however, will require a rewrite for arm64e architecture.

A11 users, on the other hand, will also benefit because they can now use a jailbreak based on the cicuta_virosa exploit instead of checkra1n.

Odyssey14 will allow users to circumvent SEP complications as the device boots up successfully. This means Face ID and Touch ID will become functional again.

For A10 users (and below), an app-based jailbreak will negate the need to use a computer for jailbreaking.

Furthermore, Odyssey will come with libhooker and the procursus bootstrap, which are miles ahead of the standard Elecubratus bootstrap and Substitute.

Libhooker also offers better performance and battery life as compared to Substitute or Cydia Substrate

Which device and operating system are you using right now? Let us know in the comments section below.


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