ConfirmInstaLike – Get confirmation before liking an Instagram posts

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to take your Instagram stalking skills to the next level. You can download ConfirmInstaLike tweak for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch below.

How ConfirmInstaLike works

While stalking someone on Instagram, you often end up liking or interacting with their old pictures.

Though this is purely accidental on your part, the person you stalk will receive a notification that you liked their picture or video. This is where this new tweak comes in.

ConfirmInstaLike Cydia tweak adds a confirmation popup whenever you like an Instagram photo or video. It is developed by Auxilium Development Team.

Since this tweak is aimed at preventing likes on old posts, it will only throw the confirmation when you try to perform the like action on media that is older than 3 days.

Here’s how this tweak works. I will be demonstrating this process by liking rapper Kristoffer Jonas Klauss aka Gzuz’s photo.

For those who don’t know, he’s also a very popular jailbreak developer and released Home Depot jailbreak for iOS 9 back in 2017.

Now when I double-tap his photo, I will receive the following confirmation from ConfirmInstaLike.

instagram confirm like tweak

It doesn’t have a Preferences that require configuration. All you need to install it and you are done.

Download ConfirmInstaLike Cydia tweak

This tweak works exactly as described and, above all, it’s free. If you have like to stalk people on social media, this is the tweak you should download right now. Highly recommended.

What stands out about this tweak is the 3-day no-confirmation period, which is absolutely perfect in my opinion.

Anything less than that will just be annoying for the user whereas anything higher than that will certainly let your target know that you are a stalker.

ConfirmInstaLike is available for download on Auxilium stable repo ( for free. It is compatible with iOS 10 and 11.

This feature is also available in Instagram++ and Rocket for Instagram. However, the confirmation popup will be shown whenever you press the like button.

Known issues

  • ConfirmInstaLike only works with the double-tap gesture, not the like button. The developer will add support for it in a future update.
  • You can’t set custom date or time limit as of yet. This feature will also be added in a future version.

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