iOS Hacker Comex Interested in Developing iOS 11 Jailbreak

Eminent hacker Comex is back! He has hinted on developing a new jailbreak for iOS operating system. Here’s what the hacker tweeted.

Comex is back!

Comex has showed renewed interest in developing iOS jailbreak. He sent out quite a few tweets on his official Twitter account on March 2.

comex twitter

Since he will start working in September, Apple would have already released iOS 11. It is likely that he will develop a jailbreak for iOS 11 firmware and newer devices.

He also hinted that it could take him more than 4 months to develop a jailbreak. The best we could do right now is to open a crowdfunding campaign to “lure” Comex in.

In all honesty, developing a jailbreak back then was relatively easier than today. Apple is aggressively beefing up iOS security by using using advanced techniques such as KPP.

Who is Comex?

Old-time jailbreakers are familiar with Comex. However, Comex is a new name for the new jailbreakers.


Comex has been around in the jailbreak scene for a very long time. He was heavily involved in developing jailbreak tools for older iOS firmware.

He is known for developing the infamous one-click JailbreakMe tool.


September is still far away and Comex is busy with his studies. To be honest, this new jailbreak might never be released for the public.

He’s looking for a security company to hire him. It’s clear he’s more interested in selling exploits and collecting the bounty rather than releasing a jailbreak.


iOS 11 jailbreak is going to be real challenge. We’ve all witnessed his heroic exploits back in the day. Let’s see what he can pull off this time around.

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