Cokepokes to remove “Disable Camera” feature from Phantom

Cokepokes is known as a savage and doesn’t take kindly to Twitter trolls. Here’s why he will be removing the disable camera feature from Snapchat.

Troll disables Snapchat camera! 

Some stupid tweep disabled his camera and then began complaining to Cokepokes that his camera won’t work. This infuriated Cokepokes and he immediately decided to pull out this feature.

Here’s what the Snapchat hacker wrote on Twitter.

This may look like a trivial feature at the very outset. However, it is absolutely indispensable. Here’s why –

  • Jailbroken devices are prone to kernel panics when the camera is running. This problem is prevalent, especially in newer versions (iOS 10-10.2). Once you disable the camera in Snapchat, you won’t experience kernel panics or crashes.
  • Snapchat keeps the camera running even while you are reading texts/chats. Therefore, disabling it also helps save up a lot of battery life.

Where does this leave us?

If you are a Phantom Lite user, I highly recommend staying on its current version. The future releases won’t include the “disable camera” feature.

snapchat phantom

As for me, Cokepokes should keep this feature up and running in the coming versions. There’s no reason to take decisions on a whim. It will be better if he includes this in the Settings area.

Will you be affected by this change or will you simply move onto other tweaks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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