Coeus – Customizable Control Center Module with Activator actions

Another day, another tweak. Coeus brings a fully customizable module for the Control Center to iOS. Here’s how you can get this tweak on your iPhone or iPad.

How Coeus works   

Admit it, the native iOS Control Center is severely limited in terms of functionality. Sure, you can add new toggles to your Control Center, but new modules…. not so much. That is where this new tweak comes in.

Coeus adds a highly customizable module to the stock iOS Control Center. It is developed by AzzouDuGhetto, who is a newcomer on the tweak development scene.  

This jailbreak tweak brings true control to the native iOS Control Center. It lets you select the size and type of the Control Center module.

Coeus Cydia tweak

You can assign a custom name, a glyph, and an Activator action to your module. It also works with the scroll view, allowing you to scroll between multiple toggle pages.

It lets you customize the following options:

Module Options

  • Size of the module
  • Number of rows/columns
  • Scroll bar 
  • Scroll vertically/horizontally 
  • Pagination system 

Toggle Options

  • Create a toggle with a name
  • Add a label to your toggles
  • Activator action for when you press the toggle    
  • Custom glyphs for toggles. If you wish to install Custom glyphs, place them in this directory – /Library/ControlCenter/Bundles/Coeus.bundle/Glyphs/.  

Check out the video demonstration of this tweak below.


Activate Coeus module

First and foremost, you must activate Coeus by adding its module to your Control Center.

To do this, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and add Coeus to the “INCLUDE” section by tapping the “+” button next to it. 


  • Module Size – Sets the height and width of the module.
  • Dark slider indicator (on) – Enables dark slider indicator.

  • Collapsed Layout – Sets the height and width of the module while it’s collapsed.
  • Paging (on) – Adds pages to the module.
  • Show slider indicator (off) – Displays slider indicator in the collapsed state.  
  • Show labels (off) – Shows labels on toggles.    
  • Expanded Layout – Sets the height and width of the module in the expanded state.
  • Paging (on) – Enables paging within the Coeus module.
  • Show slide indicator (on) – Shows slide indicator in the expanded state.        
  • Show labels (on) – Shows labels on toggles.
  • Scroll vertically (off) – Adds vertical scrolling to the module.          


Adding new toggles to the Coeus module is fairly simple. Just press the “Add new toggle” button and choose a name for it.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will create a new toggle called “WhatsApp” that will let us launch WhatsApp at the tap of a button.

Once you’ve named your toggle, you will want to select its glyph and preset. Select “Choose from preset” and then choose WhatsApp. You can also assign an Activator action to this toggle by pressing “Activator”.

Enabling the “Use SF Symbols” option will allow you to adjust the height, width, and scale of the symbol.  

Once you’re done, press Save, go back and tap Respring to apply the changes.

To add more toggles to your Control Center, simply repeat the process outlined above. 

The end result should look something like this. By default, the Coeus module will stay in the collapsed state. To expand it, long-press anywhere inside the module. 

Coes Control Center module

Download Coeus Cydia Tweak

Coeus is perfect for multitaskers who like to perform actions with the tap of a button. For old-school jailbreakers who miss Polus – a popular Control Center tweak from the good old iOS 10 days, Coeus is definitely worth an install. Highly recommended!

Remember, you can only create one module with multiple toggles inside it.

The stock operating system doesn’t allow users to create more than one Control Center module. Adding multiple modules or toggles to the Control Center will not work. 

This tweak is compatible with iOS 11, 12, and 13 operating systems, but keep in mind that it was tested only with iOS 13.  

Coeus is available for download on for free. It is compatible with iOS 11-13.

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