Cydia tweak compatibility list for Chimera jailbreak [A12-only]

Chimera jailbreak is out! However, a lot of tweaks are yet to be updated or are outright incompatible with the iPhone XS, XR, and other A12 devices. Check out the initial tweak compatibility list for Chimera jailbreak below before you hit the install button.

A12 tweak compatibility explained

So far, iPhone and iPad models with A12/A12X Bionic processors have proven extremely difficult to jailbreak. These problems were further exacerbated by Saurik quitting the community refusing to update Substrate for the A12 architecture.     

For the uninitiated, A12 devices are based on entirely different hardware architecture.

As a result, tweak developers have to update or even rewrite their tweaks for the all-new arm64e architecture.

Developers including NepetaDev, Ryan Petrich, Blake Boxberger, Guillermo Morán, and others have already updated their tweaks for the latest firmware and hardware.

Other developers are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.


So, before you start installing the desired tweaks, make sure that they are present in the compatibility list below.

Remember, almost all jailbreak tweaks are compatible with Chimera jailbreak on devices with the A11 processor and below. You will not face any error or glitch should you do decide to test a tweak out.  

This list is aimed at users having an iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, or any of the new iPad models.

Which tweaks are compatible with Chimera jailbreak?

[jtrt_tables id=”17894″]

Which tweaks have you tested? 

Currently, the list laid out above only contains a handful of tweaks. Once A11 (and below) users start jumping ship to Chimera, you can expect more tweaks to be added to this list.   

It is a community-maintained list and, therefore, we require your invaluable contribution.

If you have tested on planning to test a tweak on an A12/A12X Apple device, please leave a comment below detailing your device, operating system version, and the tweak repository.


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