Build your own DIY cheat engine for iOS 11-11.1.2

Users have been requesting a working cheat engine for iOS 11 ever since Coolstar dropped Electra jailbreak. Here’s how you can manually build your very own cheat engine for iOS 11 in just a few steps.

Is game hacking possible on iOS 11?

As you already know, popular cheat engines like GameGem and iGameGuardian don’t support iOS 11 yet.

However, this doesn’t stop me from hacking my games whenever I want to with my cheat engine.

This hacking process I use involves editing in-game data manually on your device’s filesystem.

Once the hack is in place, you can apply it using the “cfprefsd” daemon. This method was discovered by a user who goes by the name “Heinekenpsx”.

iOS 11 hacks

For the uninitiated, iOS prevents game hacking by synchronizing the “cfprefsd” daemon with the plist files. This is why we need to reload it to sync the preferences file again.

Our cheat engine relies on a few applications, namely – a file manager and an SSH app. Here’s how you can build your own game cheat engine with Filza and a few other tools.

Will this cheat engine work on all games?

My cheat engine works with all games and apps that store data on-device. This data is generally stored in the Library folder on your root filesystem.

You can access this data from any file manager such as Filza, iFile or using an FTP client like WinSCP or Cyberduck.

Remember, it will not work with games that store and fetch user data from servers in real-time.

To modify or edit such data, you will need to hack into the game’s servers, which is obviously not possible.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Game or app you want to hack
  • Electra jailbreak toolkit
  • Filza file manager
  • iTerminal

How to hack games on iPhone X and older models

1. Prepare your device

Step 1 Download iTerminal app from the official iOS App Store.

Step 2 Download any version of Filza using the links below. I have tried all of them and can confirm that they work without any issues.

Step 3 Download and install the game you want to hack from the App Store. I will demonstrate the hacking process with “Magic X Sword”.

Your game cheat engine is now ready!    

2. Hack the game

Step 4 Open Filza and navigate back to the root folder.

Step 5 Tap the magnifying glass icon present in the top-right corner and input the game’s name without spaces. In this case, I need to write “magicxsword”.

Step 6 Check the results and scroll down to open the [gamename].plist file. If you come across two plist files, open the one with more options.

Step 7 Access its options by pressing the arrow icon. Scroll down and look for in-game values that you can change. For example, you can change energy, your character’s mana level, or the weapon level. It all boils downto finding the right stat and then editing it.

Step 8 Tap on the value you want to change and input the new value. I increased my energy level from 5 to 100.  

3. Reload cfprefsd daemon

Step 9 Open iTerminal app and tap on SSH.


Step 10 Input the following details in their appropriate fields. Input “alpine” as your password unless you changed it. Press Connect to enter the terminal.

Step 11 Enter and execute the following command to reload the aforementioned daemon.

 launchctl kickstart -k system/

Step 12 That’s all there’s to it! You can now launch your game with the new hacked stats.

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