CertRemainTime Checks Time Remaining for Yalu Jailbreak Certificate

Yalu Jailbreak is a semi-utethered jailbreak for iOS 10. This means that the certificate used for jailbreak has an expiry date and must be signed to stay in jailbreak state.

If you do not have a paid developer account, your certificate used for the jailbreak only lasts for 7 days. After this period, you must re-jailbreak your iOS device. Keeping track of the time remaining on your certificate is a tedious task. This is where CertRemainTime comes in.

CertRemainTime is a simple but extremely useful application by developer Lululombard. It keeps track of the time remaining for Yalu jailbreak certificate. This makes it easy to re-sign the jailbreak certificate as and when needed.

Here’s a demonstration of this app –

certremaintimeThis application will show when the certificate is about to expire. It detects the jailbreak certificate information automatically and shows the date and time when it is going to expire.

Once you have installed this tweak, you do not have to tweak any settings or options. This app is ready to use out of the box  and automatically detects the expiration date of the certificate. It works with all versions of Yalu – yalu102 and mach_portal+yalu. It supports every iteration of iOS 10 firmware.

If CertRemainTime displays “no cert found” error, don’t worry as the app only opens in jailbreak state. This means your device is already jailbroken. If your devices is non-jailbroken, CertRemainTime will not open.

This is an excellent utility for all those who are busy and always on the go. This will surely help you manage jailbreak certificates properly.

CertRemainTime 2.0 is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free.

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