CCModules – Add more modules to Control Center

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to spruce up the boring stock Control Center. You can download CCModules tweak for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod below.

How CCModules works

By default, iOS 11 only allows users to add a limited number of icons to the stock Control Center. Users can’t add custom icons such as Cydia, Electra, etc. This is where this new jailbreak tweak comes in.

CCModules Cydia tweak allows you to add custom icons or modules to iOS 11 Control Center. It is developed by tweak developer jailbreak365.

It utilizes LaughingQuoll’s Silo package to modify the Control Center. Here’s how it looks like in action.

The icons are well spaced out and nothing looks out of place. All added modules look and feel just like the stock ones.

There is no Settings area for this tweak but you can access its modules from the Control Center option.

My current setup includes the following icons and modules –

  • NoctisToggle
  • Torch
  • Alarm
  • Screen Recording
  • Low Power Mode
  • Cydia
  • EzSecretSettings
  • Electra

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also add the following icons/modules –

  • Calendar
  • Discord
  • Filza
  • Files
  • Google Maps
  • Health
  • Home
  • iBooks
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Minecraft
  • Weather

Download CCModules Cydia tweak

This is a great tweak to add more icons to your Control Center for quick access. You can download other tweaks as well to get this functionality but this one is free and does the trick.

The tweak is still under development and more modules will be added in the future. Recommended.

CCModules is available for download on for free. It is compatible with iOS 11.

There’s also another version of this tweak that works with non-jailbroken devices. However, it relies on system file modification, which can prove dangerous.

The jailbreak version, on the other hand, is totally safe to install and use.

Here are a few more jailbreak tweaks that are worth installing on iOS 11 –

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