CCLowPower Cydia Tweak – Enable Low Power Mode using Control Center

Today another nifty Cydia tweak has been released iOS 10 – CCLowPower. It introduces toggle low power mode in the control center.

Energy saving feature is useful when you run low on battery. It reduces performance of many features while preserving the battery. It is easy to use this feature but you have to activate it by going in the settings menu.

To make this more comfortable, we use CCLowPower, a new Cydia tweak available for those with jailbroken devices. It adds a toggle in the control center that allows you to activate low power mode quickly at the touch of a button.

To turn this feature on with the tweak installed, just bring down the control center and on the far right you will find the toggle. Here’s a demonstration of this tweak.

This allows you to avoid going in the Settings > Battery and activate the power saving option.

Once you installed the tweak there are no settings to be set to make it operational. The tweak works right out of the box. The toggle will be added inside the control center.

Before you install CCLowPower tweak, make sure you are on a jailbroken device with Cydia installed. For those who have not performed jailbreak yet, follow our tutorial to jailbreak your device on iOS 10.1.1 with Yalu.

For all those who do already have Cydia on your device, CCLowPower can be installed from the BigBoss repository for free.

If you use this feature frequently, this tweak will save a lot of time in the activation and deactivation of the low power mode.

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