CarPlayEnable lets you use any application with CarPlay

Another day, another tweak. CarPlayEnable lets you use native iOS apps on your CarPlay unit. Here’s how you can install this tweak on your iPhone.

How CarPlayEnable works

CarBridge is by far the most popular Apple CarPlay tweak for jailbroken devices. However, the quintessential CarPlay tweak is yet to receive an update for iOS 14.

But fret not, here’s a new free and better alternative for all you CarPlay fanatics to try out!     

CarPlayEnable (CarPlay Cast) is a CarBridge alternative that allows you to run unsupported applications on Apple CarPlay. It is developed by Ethan Arbuckle, who is a newcomer on the jailbreak scene.

By default, Apple CarPlay supports native iOS apps such as Apple Maps, Phone, Messages, Apple Music, etc along with select third-party apps.

Apple doesn’t let users run apps that provide video playback for obvious safety reasons. While watching videos may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they can prove to be a great pastime while your car is parked.

And that’s where CarPlayEnable comes in. This jailbreak tweak accesses the CarPlay UI and lets you run unsupported apps – even apps that provide video playback – right on your CarPlay screen!   

Here’s a video demonstration of CarPlayEnable on a Hyundai Kona (credits: Daniele).  

Another standout feature of this amazing tweak is its ability to keep your screen running while your phone is locked.

So, you can continue watching your favorite videos even when your iPhone eventually falls asleep.     

As of the time of publishing, the following apps are confirmed to work with CarPlayEnable: 

  • Chrome
  • VLC
  • WhatsApp
  • IP Cam Viewer Pro
  • Zattoo 
  • YouTube
  • Plex
  • ‎Xbox

Understandably, CarPlayEnable does not support DRM-protected applications. According to Arbuckle, DRM-protected content will simply not work for legal reasons.

It blacklists certain DRM-protected apps such as Netflix or Hulu. Several iOS system apps are also unsupported due to their buggy nature.

Other applications like YouTube and VLC Media Player, however, should work normally with fully functional audio/video playback.     

Download CarPlayEnable Cydia Tweak

The CarBridge project is no longer actively maintained by leftyfl1p. The last update from the developer came out months ago.

So, if you have an Apple CarPlay unit installed in your car, CarPlayEnable is the closest you can get to CarBridge right now. Plus, it’s completely free to install and use. Highly recommended. 

The tweak does have some bugs here and there. For instance, sometimes the controls don’t work the way they are supposed to.

Some users have also reported video players not showing up on the screen.

carplay cydia tweak

But other than that, there are no bugs from what we can see so far.

CarPlayEnable is available for download on for free. It is compatible with iOS 14 and above.

While leftyfl1p is not planning to release an iOS 14 update, he has released an iOS 13 version of this tweak. You can access its GitHub repository here.

But keep in mind that this build is experimental and highly unstable.   

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