CaixaBank now supports Apple Pay in Spain

Apple Pay has been growing slowly and today a new Spanish bank has announced support for it. Here’s how you can use Apple Pay with CaixaBank cards.

CaixaBank cards work with Apple Pay

Apple Pay has now arrived at the Spanish CaixaBank and ImaginBank, a mobile-only bank by La Caixa. All customers of these banks can now integrate their debit and credit cards with Apple Pay.

CaixaBank Apple Pay

Apple Pay encrypts and stores all sensitive data in the SEP (Secure Enclave Coprocessor) of your device. This portion is extremely secure and unhackable.

With each purchase you make, the data flows in and out of the SEP only. It is not sent to Apple’s servers or stored on-device.


As far as compatibility goes, iPhone SE, Apple Watch, and iPhone 6 and above are compatible. However, you will still need a compatible firmware version, that is, iOS 11. Integrating Apple Pay on iOS 10 will throw an error.

iPhone 6s

If you are jailbroken on iOS 10-10.2, I will suggest staying there. I will soon upload a tutorial on how you can use Apple Pay on an unsupported firmware version.

How to integrate CaixaBank cards with Apple Pay 

Step 1 Open the stock Wallet app on your iPhone.

iOS Wallet app

Step 2 Scan your CaixaBank card by tapping on Scan Code. Once the scanning is successful, your device will be ready for cardless transactions.

Step 3 Now, whenever you come across a POS terminal, simply take your device near it and use Touch ID to authenticate the transaction.

You can also setup your Apple Watch for payments in the same manner through the Watch app. When iPhone X arrives, you will need to use Face ID instead of Touch ID if you own one.

If you are a customer of CaixaBank, don’t forget to integrate Apple Pay. If you have already done that, leave a comment below detailing your experience with this new payment system.

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