How to buy an iPhone X on jailbreak-able iOS 11.1.2 firmware

As you already know, iOS 11 now has a “full” jailbreak ready for it. If you missed out on the opportunity for updating to iOS 11.1.2, here’s how you can still purchase an iPhone X with that version.

Why is iOS 11.1.2 essential?

All firmware versions ranging from iOS 11-11.1.2 are compatible with LiberiOS jailbreak.

Now since iOS 11.1.2 is the latest version that’s compatible with this tool, it’s also more stable and much sought after than older versions such as iOS 11.0.1.

iphone x

If you manage to get your hands on an iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2, you can then jailbreak it.

iPhone X (iOS 11) won’t likely get a jailbreak for a very long time and you must ensure you are on a jailbreak-able version. Therefore, it’s very important that you get to a supported version as soon as possible.

Buying an iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2

Method 1 – Find the right Serial number

Step 1 Go to an Apple Store, Best Buy, or any other Apple authorized reseller.

Step 2 Contact an employee and enquire about their stock and iOS versions their devices have.

Step 3 Tell them to get you an old iPhone X and check its serial number present outside the box.

Step 4 Open any web browser on your current iOS or Android device and go to this URL –

Step 5 Enter the year of manufacture and model number of the iPhone as shown below.

We are more concerned with the date of manufacture since that’s what determines which version a device will have. The older the date, the older the firmware version.

Step 6 If it displays the firmware as iOS 11.1.2, you are in luck. As of now, VQ and VR as the year of manufacture come with this version. All serial numbers having VT will come with iOS 11.2.

Step 7 Finalize the purchase.

Method 2 – Get a Warranty replacement 

This method is a bit on the unethical side. Apple Store is currently offering iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X on 11.1.2 as the warranty replacement devices.

Replacement stock is usually older than the regular stock. Currently, the regular stock is coming on iOS 11.2 and above whereas the replacement stock still has 11.1.1 or 11.1.2.

If you are facing a complicated hardware issue, it’s the perfect time to get a replacement from an Apple Store.

Method 3 – Use advertisements

This method is a bit unreliable and won’t guarantee that you will certainly get iOS 11.1.2. However, it’s still worth giving a try.

Simply sift through advertisements in your local newspaper and find an Apple offer.

iPhone X Carrefour

A user recently posted that Carrefour is running a deal for iPhone X on iOS 11.1.1. So if you can buy it, you will get a jailbreak-able version.

Whatever you do, just don’t delay things now. The old stock is already running out in Apple Stores so you gotta make it quick!

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