Broadpwn Vulnerability Allows Remote Access to your iPhone via WiFi

The Broadpwn security vulnerability has been affecting millions of devices. Here’s how you can patch it.

What is Broadpwn?

Although the number of remote access vulnerabilities has dwindled through the years, they still seem to resurface every now and then. One such vulnerability is Broadpwn.

Broadpwn is a security vulnerability present in Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chipsets. This bug allows hackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on your device without any interaction on your part.


Since this is a WiFi bug, the hacker must be in range to remotely take over your device.

Which Devices are affected?

iOS is not the only victim of the CVE-2017-9417 security vulnerability, even Android smartphones have been hit by this bug.

Apart from Apple, manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Google, and LG have come under its ambit.


These devices have one commonality – they all use Broadcom WiFi chipsets. Here’s the full list of affected chip models –

  • BCM4354
  • BCM4358
  • BCM4359

With iOS 10.3.3, Apple has again proved why iOS is the most secure mobile operating system in the world. As for Android, the exploit still exists and we are yet to see a security update.

How to Patch Broadpwn Exploit on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

As of now, the only method to patch Broadpwn is to update to iOS 10.3.3 firmware. You can download iOS 10.3.3 from this link.

However, this would mean you will need to relinquish your jailbreak. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend doing this for obvious reasons.

If you don’t use WiFi ever, you are safe and there’s no reason to install any patch or update.

chronic dev team

Patching this bug will involve meddling in the WiFi firmware, decrypting it, and then flashing it again. I doubt jailbreak developers will be able to patch it because they have limited access.

So just stay where you are and wait for further updates.

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