BlackOutCC – Dark Mode for Control Center

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to bring true dark mode specifically to your Control Center. You can download BlackOutCC tweak below.

How BlackOutCC works

As you already know, there are plenty of “system-wide” dark mode and night mode tweaks for iOS 11.

However, none of them can customize and apply a dark mode to the Control Center. This is where this new jailbreak tweak comes in.

BlackOutCC Cydia tweak brings a true dark mode to the stock iOS 11 Control Center. It is developed by tweak developer smokin1337.

Here’s how the true black mode feature looks like in action.

If you don’t like the true dark mode, you can switch it off from the Settings section and go for the stock look with just a black background.

Once you install this tweak, you must configure its preferences from the Settings. Here’s the setup you should use for the best results.

Simply enable the following options for a true night mode –

  • Enabled (this option will just darken the background)
  • Hide Statusbar on CC
  • Black Control Center (this option will completely darken all toggles as well)

Download BlackOutCC tweak

If you are shooting for a system-wide night mode, this tweak is a must-have. It will also save up a lot of battery if you have an iPhone X.

Even if you don’t like its dark mode, you can use it simply to hide status bar from the Control Center. Highly recommended.

BlackOutCC is available for download on smokin133’s Cydia repo ( It is compatible with iOS 11.

Despite its slick look and feel, it does have a major disadvantage – there’s a slight delay in closing the Control Center.

The black background stays there momentarily even after you swipe down on the CC.

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