BigBoss Cydia Source will now host Jailbreak themes

Although we are two repos down now, new avenues are opening up. Here’s a wonderful announcement from the administrator of BigBoss Cydia source.

BigBoss source will now host themes

BigBoss is by far the biggest default repository on Cydia. Surprisingly, it only hosts jailbreak tweaks, not themes.

However, they will now start hosting themes as well. BigBoss administrator, Optimo, confirmed this development on Twitter.

This source has been a part of the jailbreak scene for over 10 years and is yet to host a theme. So if you are a theme developer, you can now start uploading your packages on BigBoss freely.

Developers will need to follow the standard package submission procedure. Once you submit a theme, the repository managers will approve it after a period of 2-3 weeks depending on their current workload.

It would be great if they could create a separate destination specifically for hosting themes. A completely separate source for themes is, of course, off bounds but some kind of segregation between tweaks and themes is essential.

For example, a different address within the repo is certainly doable. If this doesn’t happen, it will lead to a lot of clutter within the repo.

Why is BigBoss hosting themes now?

As you already know, ModMyi and MacCiti repositories shut down a few days back. These default sources hosted the largest collection of Anemone themes and were the go-to sources for iOS theme fanatics.

MacCiti has shut down completely after a period ten years while ModMyi is in archival.

Thankfully, Optimo came to the fore and opened BigBoss repository for theme developers.


Moreover, it is also the only default source that is operating right now so it was very important to provide a package uploading outlet to developers.

Some developers are also toying around with the idea of creating a new default source. So I guess it’s all good and things aren’t as bad as they seem to be.

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