Best iPad Cydia Tweaks on iOS 10 [2017]

As Saurik has updated Cydia to version 1.1.30, it’s time to install some new tweaks. Today we take a look at the best Cydia tweaks for iPad.

For those who don’t know, Cydia tweaks are unofficial software/apps for Apple’s iOS firmware. They bring cool new features and improve functionality of native iOS firmware.

best ipad cydia tweaks

Jailbreak enthusiasts must have already installed many tweaks on their devices. So this list is aimed at the novice user who is just getting started in the jailbreak world.

Best iPad Cydia Tweaks on iOS 10 [2017 LIST]



Everyone is waiting for a dark mode for the iPad. This makes iPad easy to use and read during night. Since after repeated requests, Apple still has not added this mode to iOS 10.

Thanks to the jailbreak community, Noctis Cydia tweak enables dark mode on devices running iOS 10. Here’s a demo video.


unify tweak

Unify Cydia Tweak groups the notifications by app on iOS 10. Since Apple’s native notification system on iOS 10 is a bit cluttered, this tweak is the perfect addition to iOS 10.


ccrecord cydia tweak-min

If you have ever wanted to record the screen of your iPad, CCRecord is the tweak for you. It adds a record button to the Control Center. Once you press it, it quickly starts recording your screen.

If you want to upload some gaming or tutorial video to Youtube, this tweak is useful. Here’s how CCRecord works.


appcon cydia tweak

Appcon is another brand new Cydia tweak released for the iOS 10 firmware. It lets you change app icons with the photos from your library. There are tons of images you can use to create new setups.

Here’s a demo video.


Activator is considered nothing short of classic in the jailbreak community. This tweak by developer Ryan Petrich is completely free and stays one of the top tweaks of the modern jailbreak era.

It lets you set up custom gestures to accomplish a specific action. Here’s what you can do with Activator.

Of course, the list doesn’t end here. Follow our complete list of iOS 10 compatible Cydia tweaks to build the ultimate iPad.

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