BatteryPercentX – Show battery percentage in iPhone X

As you already know, iPhone X doesn’t display the battery by default. This new tweak aims to change that once and for all. Download it on your iPhone right now.

How BatteryPercentX works

Pretty much all of us are conditioned to keep a tab on the battery life at all times.

However, iPhone X running the stock iOS 11 firmware doesn’t display the battery percentage in the status bar. This is where this new tweak comes in.

BatteryPercentX Cydia tweak adds the battery percentage to iPhone X’s status bar. It is developed by renowned tweak developer, SparkDev.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.


It gets working right after you install it. There are no Settings or preferences that require configuaration.

As of now, the percentage doesn’t have any animation or color effects.

A lot of jailbreakers have expressed interest in having the battery value change colors under different circumstances.

For example, the color should turn green when the device is plugged in and yellow when it’s in low power mode.

Download BatteryPercentX tweak

This is a basic yet amazing tweak for all iPhone X users. Recommended.

You must register at SparkDev’s repository to access this tweak from the public section. Once you download the Debian package, you can install this tweak using the manual installation method outlined here.

BatteryPercentX is available for download for freeon SparkDev’s repository here. It is compatible with iPhone X on iOS 11 firmware.

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