Get Battery replacements for your jailbroken iPhone without updating

Any kind of hardware repair, especially a battery replacement, requires an iPhone upgrade. Here’s how you can work your way right past an Apple Store’s jailbreak defenses.

Do Apple employees force update all jailbroken devices?       

Apple’s official document regarding jailbreaking and its ill effects nowhere states that a device requires an update prior to repair.

Moreover, it is against Apple’s policy to modify the system software of a user’s device without his consent.

Most Apple employees, by and large, do not care whether or not your device is running a jailbreak.

However, you will certainly come across that stingy Apple Genius that will refuse to budge after repeated requests.

The attitude of the workers towards jailbreaking also depends on the Apple Store you visit. Some Genius Bar workers have a very negative view towards jailbreaking whereas others are a bit lax.

All in all, it gets down to finding the right store and the right technician.

What precautions do you need to consider before getting your battery replaced?         

Backup your data

Perform a full backup of your data with iTunes.

If something does go wrong, Apple will provide you with a new device. This will ensure your data stays safe just in case something goes awry during the replacement.

Put your device in no-jailbreak mode

Reboot your iPhone into no-jailbreak mode and put Cydia and other jailbreak apps in a folder. This will effectively hide the Cydia icon and all other apps associated with jailbreak.

This is very important and must do this before visiting a Genius Bar.


Apple’s internal diagnostic utility can’t find out whether or not your device is in jailbreak mode so simply rebooting it will suffice.

If you are thinking about using Cydia Eraser, there’s no need to do that unless you absolutely want to do so. It is a bit overkill, in my opinion.

Prepare your excuses

On some occasions, a sly Apple Genius will find out that your device has a jailbreak.

The best countermeasure for this would be to prepare a plausible excuse beforehand.

iPhone Battery Life

For example, you can tell them that a software that you use for work requires your iPhone to use a specific firmware version.

You can also tell them that you need to use an app that runs only on your version.

What next?

As most of you know, Apple is now offering heavily discounted battery replacements to users. More and more jailbreakers will soon flock to a neighborhood Apple Store to avail a replacement.

But before you do so, don’t forget to take the necessary steps in order to get a successful replacement and keep your jailbreak in the process.

As of now, Apple has run out of batteries to replace. The battery replacement program will again resume sometime in March so gear up!

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