Battery health feature is missing from iPhone 5s (iOS 11.3)

Although Battery health feature is available on all older models, iPhone 5s users seem to be missing out on it. Here’s the reason why Apple chose not to implement this feature for iPhone 5s users.

Why doesn’t iPhone 5s have battery health checks?

Apple implemented CPU throttling beginning with the iPhone 6 all the way up till iPhone 7 plus. Once the issue went public, Apple promptly countered all the negative press by giving users basic battery management ability.

Consequently, the battery health feature was made available only to affected devices.

Since iPhone 5s and older models didn’t have throttling enabled, they didn’t receive this feature.

battery health iphone 5s

This is a big mistake on Apple’s part because a user might need to check the battery health status to decide whether or not a replacement is necessary.

How can you improve your iPhone 5s’ performance?

The only way to get a significant performance boost is to get a battery replacement.

If you are experiencing slowdowns or crashes, check your battery health with an unofficial third-party utility such as 3UTools or iBackupBot.

If the value is below 80%, I recommend getting a new battery for your iPhone 5s. The general recommendation for Apple devices is to get a new battery once the battery health drops below the 80% mark.

You can avail a replacement at $29 throughout 2018. If you are interested in getting a replacement, read more about Apple’s battery replacement program here.

If you are not too worried about battery drain, you might as well keep using your iPhone for a few more months.

Apple intends to roll out three next-gen iPhone models this year, will surely be upgrade worthy.

What have you decided? you get a replacement or upgrade to a new iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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